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What is our ACT camp like?

Our camp prepares students for the ACT in just one weekend. Our curriculum is exclusively made of official questions provided by ACT releases and past tests. We do this to make sure that students are exposed to the exact kind of questions that they may face on test day. 

Lessons revolve around our proprietary 100 Strategies approach, which organizes ACT questions into groups that rely on very specific problem-solving methods. First, our instructors teach these strategies, then they apply them to multiple practice questions, ensuring students learn efficiently and effectively. 


20 hours of instruction for just $399!

20+ hours of prep

The length of the weekend is the first thing that stands out to a lot of people. We fit 20 hours of prep into three days, making for an experience that is jam-packed with information. Look, we know it may not be a high schooler's ideal way to spend a weekend, but we do our best to make sure it's worth it.

Our classes take students through past questions from official ACT tests, as well as questions from ACT certified practice tests. We drill students on different types of questions, proving the effectiveness of our strategies through the application of learned concepts.

300+ practice questions

2 diagnostic tests

Our students take 2 full practice tests, one in the beginning and one in the end, to measure their weaknesses and identify specific areas of improvement. This allows students to see their score increases in real-time, which is how we know our average student improves 3-6 points.

PrepHQ's proprietary College Admissions Crash Course helps students navigate the difficult and overwhelming process that is applying for college. In our camps, students will learn about the two distinct phases that go into college counseling: Getting Into College and Graduating From College.

College counseling

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